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  My name is Judith DELSINNE
  Puppet maker and Visual artist

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I can design and make puppets of many kinds:
  • hand puppets
  • stick or rod puppets
  • marionettes (string puppets)

I can work from scenarios or portraits.
You just need to provide photos
if you want a puppet that looks like you!

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I can work in schools
to help children understand
the process of making puppets.
They will create their own puppets
as you can see in the 'Photos' sections.

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I use different materials
in the process of making puppets:

  • wood pulp
  • self-hardening modeling clay
  • resin
  • foam
  • newspapers

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On my French personal web site, you'll find many more details,
information and prices as well.

For further information, orders,
you can send me an e-mail in French or in English


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